Sustainability, circular economy and green transition.

But we want actions rather than words. More than enlightening and inspiring, we want to ensure a positive impact so that people can enjoy and care for a sustainable habitat in built and not built spaces and in their relationship with each other.

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Synergies in the development of new products

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster brings together companies, municipalities, R&D centres, business associations and other entities that are committed to sustainability as a motto for innovation and competitiveness.





3 245M€

2022 Turnover

1 513M€

2022 Volume of Exports

Projects in the Cluster

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Environment and Resource Efficiency image

Environment and Resource Efficiency

Projects or other initiatives focused on mitigating environmental impacts caused by the construction of our Habitat, valuing natural resources and waste, promoting efficiency in their use to ensure sustainability.

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Sustainable Products and Solutions

Projects or other initiatives focused on developing sustainable products and solutions for Habitat, focusing on decarbonization and the Circular Economy, among other actions for a green and digital transition.

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Health and Well-being in the Habitat

Projects or other initiatives aimed at intelligent and sustainable solutions to promote the health and well-being of inhabitants, contributing to active and safe aging in our Habitat.

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Sustainable Territories and Cities

Projects or other initiatives that promote resilient, attractive and sustainable territories and cities, aligned with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

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A wide network of entities

The entities of Cluster Habitat Sustentável aim to create synergies in order to develop new products, technologies and construction systems and a new practice of designing spaces and surroundings, inducing an attitude of innovation through the sustainability of the built environment that is intended to generate factors of increased competitiveness.

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