At the beginning of its activity, MRG was dedicated to real estate development and providing construction services to local authorities, state departments and private individuals. At the time, its geographical area of influence was limited to the district of Guarda.

From 1989 onwards, the company clearly focused on Civil Construction and Public Works, with the Ministries of Education, Health and Justice as its main clients. At the same time, real estate development activity was stepped up, fostered by Housing Development Contracts (CDH), through agreements with the National Housing Institute (INH).

With the structural growth of the company, there was a need to turn the company into a public limited company. In 1998, the transition was made to a Board of Directors that deliberates across the entire company.

A new business area was created in 2000, encompassing road construction, infrastructure and the environment. The company’s area of operation has expanded to include construction throughout Portugal.

As a result of the company’s growth, MRG S.A. ceased to be an SME (Small or Medium-sized Enterprise) in 2002 and is now considered one of the leading companies in Portugal in the various business areas in which it operates.

In 2006, the company introduced a development policy that involved diversifying and internationalizing its activities.

In 2007, a number of activities began in the Public-Private Partnership sector, as well as some projects with private entities.

This year is also marked by a series of initiatives within the scope of the company’s purpose: Corporate Sustainability with Social Responsibility.

The year 2013 is marked by the focus on internationalization in several different markets. At the beginning of the year, MRG Construction was established in France, headquartered in Bordeaux. Still during the year of 2013, but towards the end, Grupo MRG expanded to Algeria and Mozambique.

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MGR clearly focuses on Civil Construction and Public Works, which encompasses the construction of communication routes, infrastructure, and the environment.

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